CuteCapture™ Terms of use

Last updated on: 5/20/12

Release of liability

CUTECAPTURE™ IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW VIOLATIONS CAUSED BY ITS MEMBERS. By using this service, the member agrees to hold CuteCapture™ harmless for any damages and or legal actions which may arise from the alleged improper use of proprietary images.

Ownership and use of images

Members must have ownership of, or appropriate rights of use for any images which you upload to this site. Failure to abide by these terms will result in deactivation of the member's account. Images uploaded by members remain the property of the member and can not be used by the CuteCapture™ administrators or owners or by other CuteCapture™ members without the expressed written consent of the image owner. Members are entitled to upload as many images as they like, provided that the number does not place and undue web storage burden on CuteCapture™. Members shall not upload any images or other material, including image metadata, which would be offensive to a reasonable person.

30-day money back guarantee (risk free trial period)

All members are entitled to a 30-day money back guarantee. If fewer than 30 days have passed since you made your payment, we will issue a full refund if, for any reason, you decide to discontinue your use of CuteCapture™.

No guarantees as to prevention of spam

While CuteCapture™ deters and deflects attacks by common "hit & run" spam-bots, no guarantees or promises are made as to the complete prevention of web form spam by CuteCapture™ due to the many variables which affect the security of web forms, including but not limited to the member's settings in their account, selection of images, and file name selection. Web form security is also highly dependent upon the coding practices used by the member's site to enable other form validation techniques, such as looking for banned keywords and links, and using regular expressions to validate data in specific form fields. CuteCapture™ is in no way responsible for damages sustained or costs incurred due to spam. The receipt of spam outside of the 30-day money back guarantee period does not constitute sufficient grounds for a refund.

Free customer support, paid professional services

Members are entitled to free customer support by CuteCapture™ to assist them in the installation and configuration of CuteCapture™ on an existing web form. Professional Services provided by CuteCapture™ to create form validation scripts or to perform custom installation of CuteCapture™ and/or other web form elements on member sites shall incur an hourly charge agreed upon by CuteCapture™ and the member prior to the rendering of services.